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Crazy About Kids
Young Life thinks the world of kids. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who come sharing that hope as well as fun and lasting friendships with kids. Young Life is also all about fun. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers will have blast laughing and being with their friends.
Leaders are committed to being involved with kids' lives -- from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what's important to them. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future. ​


Camp registration open!

Registration has closed for Summer 2016 camps. If you would like to be added to the wait list or check availalbity on spots please contact

Malibu - August 9-15 -- 10th-12th grades
WFR Canyon - August 12-16 -- 9th grade
WFR Creekside - July 2-6 -- Kirkland 7th-8th grades
WFR Creekside - August 7-11 -- Redmond/Growls 7th-8th grades
Breakaway - June 29-July 6 -- 6th grade
5K Run
June 11, 2016 // 12pm //
St. Edwards' State Park
Campers, download your pledge form here...
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