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What is on the Calendar?

1. Campaigners every two weeks
2. Summer Camp at Woodleaf in Challenge, California, August 3-9, 2017. 
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​Cedarcrest Young Life & Tolt WyldLife
Young Life is only Young Life because of its volunteers. In every town, volunteer leaders of all shapes and sizes make Young Life happen. They organize Young Life and WyldLife events, take students on weekend and weeklong trips in the summer, volunteer their time supporting schools, and spend countless hours showing up to support kids. There are a number of volunteers who also help behind the scences with fundraising and support work. Both are needed in order to make Young Life happen and so we've been working to put together a team to run with kids and a team to support them in the Cedarcrest community. 

Currently, the focus area to to start is Cedarcrest... starting with campaigners, camp in the summer, and hopefully club in the fall!

CEdarcrest contacts / leaders
Sam Mumford 316-253-4248
Nate Farhner 425-286-9021
Aaron Cato 206-612-5775
Rachel Brady 425-765-1899
Michael Cairns 206-321-6394
Deidre Carins 425-894-8574
Scott Heatherington 425-891-0237

"Into the Neighborhood"
​"A party with a purpose"

Young Life Northlake | 16625 Redmond Way Ste MPMB #186 Redmond, WA 98052-4499

Phone: (206) 295-0893

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